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John W. Creager, Principal Attorney Biography
John W. Creager, Principal Attorney




Mr. Creager obtained a B.A. in political science from the University of Colorado at Denver. Following that, he pursued a Juris Doctorate from the Denver University Sturm College of Law. During his time there, he received the “Award for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution” and held the position of president of the Student Animal Legal Defense Fund.





Before attending law school, Mr. Creager dedicated his time to volunteering with Reading Partners – Denver, where he played a crucial role in improving the reading skills of young children. After completing his undergraduate studies, he obtained his real estate license and gained extensive expertise in selling and leasing residential, land, and commercial properties, accumulating more than ten years of experience in the field. Currently, Mr. Creager maintains an active Colorado real estate brokers license and remains involved in conducting real estate transactions.


From 2008 to 2020, Mr. Creager held multiple roles at a retail business, including accountant, payroll specialist, and business developer. Throughout his tenure, he played a vital role in the company’s growth, overseeing its expansion into five states and contributing to the employment of over 60 individuals.


While pursing his law degree, Mr. Creager served as a legal assistant at the personal injury law firm, focusing on cases related to car accidents and personal injury. After successfully passing the Colorado bar exam in early 2020, he joined a boutique family law firm located in Denver, where he further developed his abilities in negotiation, litigation and accounting. 




Originally from California, Mr. Creager grew up in a household marked by division. This personal experience has fostered within him a deep understanding and empathy for the challenges faced by children in similar situations. It is this profound appreciation that motivates him to advocate for his clients, unwavering in his dedication and conscientiousness regarding the unique circumstances presented by each case. 


Drawing from his personal experiences as a father, he possesses an intimate comprehension of the significance of protecting and championing the rights of both parents and their children. At every stage of the case, Mr. Creager exhibits efficiency and thoughtfulness, always mindful of his client’s objectives and resources.


Mr. Creager demonstrates exceptional qualities of being analytical, organized, and compassionate. He is deeply committed to promoting diversity, upholding family values, and, above all, meticulously preparing for cases at every stage. The preparation process necessitates an attentive and empathetic listener, and in this regard, Mr. Creager excels showcasing outstanding interpersonal skills. 


Employing tactful persistence, Mr. Creager adeptly engages in assertive negotiations, when suitable, to enhance the circumstances of his clients and their families. In instances where aggressive negotiation proves ineffective, Mr. Creager’s self-assured and triumphant litigation skills come to the forefront. While he thoroughly enjoys the courtroom, Mr. Creager acknowledges that clients may fare better with a negotiated settlement that they control.


According to Mr. Creager, the fundamental elements for achieving success in family law cases encompass organization, thorough preparation, and a profound knowledge of each individual case. This approach frequently involves a combination of tough love, effectively managing client expectations, showing empathy, and possessing a comprehensive understanding of the law and legal system. 

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