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A loving child holding her father's hand, symbolizing the bond and trust between parent and child during a child custody proceeding.

Empathy Meets Expertise: Nurturing Families Through Legal Challenges with Compassion in Every Case

Creager Legal Vision Statement. Empowerment. Advocacy. Restoration.

We offer a free consultation for people who want to gain clarity on their situation and have an opportunity to discuss their circumstances, ask questions, and explore potential options.  

Serving Colorado 

Expert lawyers meticulously preparing for trial and diligently strategizing and gathering evidence to ensure a strong case

Helping good people through hardship with care.

Divorce, a word that carries a weight of emotions and life-altering changes, often brings to mind images of legal battles and broken hearts. 


Divorce is undeniably one of life's most challenging experiences. It's a journey marked by emotional turbulence and complex decisions. When a marriage ends, it's not just the dissolution of a legal contract, it's the unraveling of a shared life.


Many people face unexpected obstacles, leaving them feeling a constant weight on their chest, with worries ranging from the well-being of children and shifting living situations, to financial adjustments and more. It's a path filled with challenges that test one's resilience and inner strength.

Over the years, we’ve guided numerous Colorado families through the intricacies of divorce and custody during their toughest moments. Time and time again, we’ve observed the immense value of solid support and thorough preparation.

How we help people navigate change and unforeseen obstacles with care

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Our commitment is to prioritize the best interests of families. We dedicate our efforts to preserving their well-being while finding the most peaceful resolution. 


Our specialization lies in family and divorce law and serves individuals and families in Colorado. Here’s how we can make a difference:


  • Minimize stress and anxiety by expediting the legal process

  • More time for other priorities by streamlining legal proceedings

  • Feel more confident with expert guidance and protection of interests during property division and asset distribution

  • Help reduce conflict and tension by fair distribution of assets with the goal of achieving amicable solutions

  • Reduce overwhelming fatigue by simplifying complex legal procedures

  • Advocacy for Fair Alimony

  • Secure Child Support Arrangements

  • Secure Custody Agreements by establishing and enforcing secure custody agreements


Learn how we can help with different situations by scheduling a free and noncommittal consultation.

At Creager Legal, our team of skilled lawyers thrives on collaboration to provide you with the best legal solutions


John  W. Creager Family Attorney

John W. Creager

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Tel. 303-928-0660

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Creager Legal Vision Statement. Empowerment. Advocacy. Restoration.

Our Vision

Empowerment. Advocacy. Restoration.

Our vision is to empower individuals and families with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to navigate the complexities of family law. We are dedicated advocates, committed to fighting fiercely for our clients' rights and ensuring their voices are heard and respected throughout the legal process. With compassion as our compass, we strive to facilitate healing and restoration, helping families rebuild and create a positive future after the challenges of a family law case. Through our unwavering dedication, personalized strategies, and deep understanding of the emotional complexities involved, we allow our clients to make informed decisions, regain control over their lives, and confidently navigate the path to a brighter future.

Client Reviews

Creager Legal Client Google Review
Creager Legal Client Google Review
Creager Legal Client Google Review
Creager Legal Client Google Review
Creager Legal Client Google Review
Creager Legal Client Google Review
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